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A unique gift for the gardener in your life

Permaculture playing cards

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Are you here because there’s someone special in your life you’re looking to bring joy to with a great gift?

Maybe that special someone is a gardener. You hear them talking about plants, and flowers, and weeds.

You always found something useful to gift them, and you’d like to do the same this year, but all your efforts so far turned unfruitful.

You imagine the moment they open your present, and want to see excitement,  joy and a sincere appreciation for your thoughtfulness.   

We have the solution for you.

Paul and Alex, with the help of some other folks, created the permaculture playing cards. 

Spreading permaculture knowledge 

one card at a time

These cards can be a great conversation starter, educational, and inspirational. 

Each card is adorned with beautiful illustrations and hand-written style text, introducing a plant, idea, or concept of permaculture.

This is a complete deck – 52 playing cards, 2 jokers and one bonus thank you card for all the supporters of the project. On 26 of the cards there are hidden names of some of the friends and family that helped to bring this project to life.

Dehydrating food with electricity can cost hundreds of dollars, plus heat your house when you don't want heat. A solar dehydrator runs for free. 

Dandelions are great for food, medicinal use, beverages, livestock feed and for repairing the land.

They have edible leaves, flower and roots.

Honey bees bring us honey, wax, medicine, and pollination. Honey can store on the shelf indefinitely. An Egyptian tomb was found to contain honey that was still edible 6000 years later. 

What we can achieve together when you give these cards as gifts:

We educate

By spreading permaculture concepts we introduce people to the tools, skills and resources to live a better life. A life cleaner, healthier, more fulfilling

We inspire

We are enthusiastic about broadcasting these ideas and concepts, and we hope that our enthusiasm will spark an interest for others to dive deeper and put them in practice.


We empower

Together we help others recognize their own potential in taking steps to make the world a better place. Only together can we make that possible.

List of all the cards

Ace of Spades: Polyculture

Ace of Hearts: Wofati

Ace of Clubs: Hugelkultur

Ace of Diamonds: Rocket Mass Heater

King of Spades: Sepp Holzer

King of Hearts: Bamboo

King of Clubs: Masanobu Fukuoka

King of Diamonds: Bill Mollison

Queen of Spades: Black Locust

Queen of Hearts: Comfrey

Queen of Clubs: Greening Deserts

Queen of Diamonds: Ruth Stout

Jack of Spades: Mike Oehler

Jack of Hearts: Willie Smits

Jack of Clubs: Allan Savory

Jack of Diamonds: Art Ludwig

Ten of Spades: Paddock Shift Systems

Ten of Hearts: Greywater

Ten of Clubs: Dandelion

Ten of Diamonds: Stinging Nettles

Nine of Spades: Sunchokes

Nine of Hearts: Fungi

Nine of Clubs: Jean Pain

Nine of Diamonds: Mullein

Eight of Spades: Natural Swimming Pool

Eight of Hearts: Mulberry

Eight of Clubs: Tefa

Eight of Diamonds: The Man Who Planted Trees

Seven of Spades: Chickens

Seven of Hearts: Pigs

Seven of Clubs: Pee

Seven of Diamonds: Replacing Irrigation with Permaculture

Six of Spades: Ben Law

Six of Hearts: Electric Tractor

Six of Clubs: Husp

Six of Diamonds: Honey Bees

Five of Spades: Food Preservation

Five of Hearts: Bugs, Weeds, Funguses & Microorganisms

Five of Clubs: Beyond Compost

Five of Diamonds: Wind and Berms

Four of Spades: Wildcrafting

Four of Hearts: Livestock Guardian Dog

Four of Clubs: Food as Medicine

Four of Diamonds: Mason Bees

Three of Spades: Food Forest

Three of Hearts: Rhubarb

Three of Clubs: Dry Outhouse

Three of Diamonds: Solar Food Dehydrator

Two of Spades: Rumford Fireplace

Two of Hearts: Cast Iron

Two of Clubs: Diatomaceous Earth

Two of Diamonds: Apple Tree

"Paul and Alexander out did them selves on this project. At first I was afraid that the playing cards would be a novice gimmick. Not the case at ALL. The cards are beautifully illustrated and pack full with information. Whether you are a beginner gardener, just exploring permaculture, a novice, or a full blown practicing permaculture farmer, these playing cards hold value. I, myself a PDC graduate and active farmer... really appreciate these cards. I can very well see these cards being used as an educational tool. Definitely buying a brick or two for holiday gifts."

Chad C. - cards gift receiver

 "They are gorgeous. I was hoping my niece would like them since she enjoys nature but I wasn't positive since she's 12.  So it was a bit of a chance.  She spent quite some time reading them all with her little interested/enjoying smile on her face and then she enthusiastically came over to show me the Wofati card.  "I want this house; it's awesome!"  I told her it is totally something she can build for herself some day".

Sonia D.

“I bought a few decks of these a couple years ago to pass out as gifts, and they were a huge hit. The art is just stunning, and each card is loaded with information. Living in Montana, land of bars and gambling, everyone keeps a deck of cards on hand. It's kind of fun to put one of these decks in your bag, go to a bar, and then just casually leave them behind. Inevitably, they'll get used, and you spread a little knowledge along the way.”

Destiny H.

Starter pack

2 decks 

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"Holiday shopping is done" 

12 decks

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"Change the world"

100 decks

deck of cards
  • 100 decks of permaculture playing cards
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